Futsal Ballarat is the only affiliate of Football Victoria (FV) and Football Australia (FA) in Ballarat. The club was established in 2009 at the Ballarat Badminton Centre, where it started training only 4 kids before moving to the Ballarat East Recreation Centre in 2014.

2022 saw strongest numbers thus far with over 950 weekly players between the ages of 2 years old to open participating in our trainings and competitions.

As well as regular social competitions, we select players to represent the club at Regional, State and National competitions. This program has been extremely successful winning regional, state and national titles.



  • To promote the sport of Futsal and provide participation opportunities across all levels of the community.
  • To develop in coaches and players the corect techniques, ball skills and tactical awareness to ensure the enjoyment of the game at both a social and competitive level
  • To keep abreast of developments in the sport and pass these on to our members



Futsal Ballarat is affiliated with Football Victoria, Football Australia (FA) and FIFA. As a recognised Football Victoria Club we are bound by FA rules and regulations and Code of Conduct. Players have the opportunity to follow the FA futsal pathway from local club futsal to the chance to represent Victoria at the FA National Championships. Seniors have the opportunity to represent in the National Futsal League called the F League.



  • Ballarat High School - 1726 Sturt St, Lake Gardens 
  • Federation University - University Drive, Mt Helen
  • Woodmans Hill (Ballarat East Recreation Centre) - 1 Fussell Street, Ballarat East

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